Race Nepal Multimedia Network Pvt Ltd (racekhabar.com) with its head office in Birgunj – Nepal has launched racekhabar.com digital online news website. Our aim is to publish facts, truth, fair and reliable news, articles and audio-visual material to win the trust of readers by making the values of journalism the main basis. Witnessing the three-decade long history of journalism, a digital magazine has been launched with the aim of bringing the news delivery style used in print media and FM radio to the general public in a new way. Being prepared for the easy but very difficult and challenging journey that the journalism world wants and seeks, our team is moving forward on a digital journey. Online journalism is cheaper and more effective than traditional media. Our effort will be to connect Nepali people who are scattered around the world in one place through digital magazine. We are fully confident that there will be support, cooperation and good luck in this campaign.